Rain. Four letters, one elementary word. Truly it is much more than that. Rain delivers life, memories, emotions, nostalgia and inspiration.

Listening to the melody that nature creates when the raindrops collide with the asphalt, I realize how much I adore the rain. It has been quite some time since I last heard this unique concert performed by nature. It is affectionate enough to offer me a costless time travel trip, to the distant moments that happened only several years ago, yet it resembles an eternity. There has been an infinite number of times and circumstances that I heard the rain. I can recollect how much I loved it, even back when I was only a juvenile. The summer storms that would originate abruptly and expedite us inside the apartment. We would come together and take pleasure in the rain, and the competition the raindrops would execute on the windows. The times I spent with my friends inside admiring the rain and begging our parents to let us join the significant show nature was performing. They would continuously deny with altered excuses and we would be extremely disappointed. Favorably, immediacy the sun would radiate, a rainbow would make its appearance and the rain would finally conclude. The aroma of fresh air meant a reviving for nature’s cycle. The fresh and cool atmosphere felt like a new beginning from the previous humid summer air. Even ants, snails and numerous animals showed their enthusiasm by coming out too.

The tremendous joy it brings by creating the perfect atmosphere to spend with my loved ones or friends and not be concern about any matter. We would hear the raindrops and fantasies about the future. We would observe individuals running to their houses, automobiles under any roof, just to get away from it. But why, it still remains a mystery. Why would anybody want to get away from life? From happiness or an opportunity to cause all the problems to vanish. Several instances it would surprise us and we would just rush from it, play, sing, and dance in the rain. Who cared that we were damp, that our clothes were filthy, and that we might catch pneumonia? We were just children and we would not pass this amount of excitement. Other times the rain would create the perfect opportunity to cry and release emotions that were deep hidden inside us that we did not know about, until the rain arrived. That heavenly sentiment of the cold drops on our warm skin, the scent of fresh, new.

An abundance of beings dislike the rain, but how can someone feel that way about such an incredible phenomenon that the nature expresses affection? Rain brings life and revives the dead organisms. It encourages us to relive the past, appreciate the present and hope for the future. The next time you will have the bliss of experiencing precipitation, just close your eyes and listen to the rhythms it will bring!

The rain has cease and unfortunately so has my inspiration memories and fairytales.

“Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness, has never danced in the rain.”

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